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June 27, 2018 2 Comments

I remember the first time I saw the image a little girl taking a pair of scissors to her tummy (below), I was confronted not just by what I saw, but what it represented. What a confusing place the world can sometimes be, and how bombarded we are, women and men, girls and boys, about how we are supposed to look. Often the message being, to look like other than who you are.  In this image the little girl is looking at a photograph of a woman, representing an ‘ideal look’, and when she looks at herself I'm guessing she doesn't see herself, instead she sees all the ways she is not like that woman in the photograph. I am sure many of us can relate to a moment when we found ourselves comparing the way we look to an image we saw online or in a magazine. I have often felt the sting of comparison when looking at images of women online, noticing all the ways I am different.

image: Meg Gaiger

Yes, these days there are an increasing number of ‘body positive’ Instagram accounts you can follow and body positive campaigns that run globally. Yet here we are, still playing the comparison game. Why? Because often these attempts to soothe and support us are external; they are messages from the outside world. Surely we cannot create a more positive connection with ourselves with our bodies and in essence who we are, by looking outside of ourselves? These social media accounts might bring us a moment of inspiration or sense of validation but does that feeling last? Not usually.
The key then must be in creating a real, physical connection with ourselves, regularly, and entering into a conversation, with the one body that matter most, our own. To take an inside-out approach.
Recently I have discovered a process, an experience, that creates a positive body connection and invites conversation with ourselves. It is called an ‘aromatic dressing’, a beautiful way to bring more self-love, more self-care into our day to day. Below I have shared how and why to create an aromatic dressing so you can give it a go.
What is an aromatic dressing?
An aromatic dressing is a beautiful, personal experience combining essential oils, loving touch and words of affirmation. It is a short process, a ‘doing’ activity, that creates a sense of positive connection with ourselves and leaves you smelling and feeling divine!
Why do an aromatic dressing?
I believe that we all inherently love ourselves, not in an egotistical way but in a true, honest, deep way. There is a voice that exists inside each of us that is loving and soft, that cares for and celebrates us. Society can often make it really difficult to hear that voice. An aromatic dressing supports you in coming back to your centre, so you can hear that voice, and begin to turn up its volume.
It takes just a couple of minutes and can radically change your outlook, your experience of your day, and sense of self.
What you need:

 A small bowl, you could use a wooden bowl, but remember the wood may be thirsty for your oils, so pre oil your bowl if it is new. You can also use a ceramic bowl or dish. If you don’t have a bowl, remember you conveniently have two at the end of your arms (your hands!)
 1-2 tablespoons of a ‘carrier oil’ such as fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, rosehip etc. Play with which carrier oil your skin prefers.
Your selection of essential oils. My favourite 'go to' oils are Lavender and Frankincense. These oils are beautiful for your skin, Lavender is soothing and Frankincense is renewing. You can experiment with the number of drops, but a couple of each oil is enough. 

If you are curious which oils to use I have included a blend you can download below, or you can scroll through my previous blogs as I have shared the emotional meaning of 31 oils and that might inspire your selection. Here are a couple of suggestions: Grapefruit: the oil of honouring the body, Germanium: oil of love and trust, Rose: the oil of divine love, Bergamot: the oil of self-assurance, Cypress: oil of motion and flow, Ylang Ylang: the oil of the inner child.
How to apply your aromatic dressing:
Take a couple of minutes in the morning after your shower before you get dressed, or a few minutes at the end of the day before bed for your aromatic dressing. Create a nurturing atmosphere (you can do so in the bathroom or your bedroom), light some candles, play some music or just enjoy the silence.
Once you have blended your essential oils with your carrier oil, it’s time to apply! Simply start at your feet and work your way up. Be intentional and loving in your touch, massaging the oil into your body. Do not rush through this process, you might like to make eye contact with yourself in the mirror as you do this, or spend time at any areas of your body that you feel need a little extra TLC; maybe a place of an injury, maybe a place of emotional pain.

While you are massaging the oil into your body, you can also speak words of positive affirmation to yourself. You might like to thank your feet and legs for the way they move you through life, or thank your knees for the way they support you to be flexible. You might like to thank you heart for being the centre of your intuition and wise counsel, your tummy for the way it brings nourishment to your life. Simply starting with the word ‘thank you’ will begin to create the connection I spoke of earlier.

At the end of the massage take a moment to cup your hands to your face and take a deep inhale, breathing in the aromas of the oils and taking a moment to acknowledge yourself and this act of self loving.



Self-love is literately in the palm of your hands. Don’t save this experience for a ‘special’ occasion, begin today, and if it feels good do it again tomorrow and watch how quickly your relationship with yourself shifts.


Here is a hot tip: an aromatic dressing is a beautiful experience you can also share with your partner or children. Give them an aromatic dressing or set one up for them in the bathroom as loving surprise. I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Share your experiences of aromatic dressings or ask any questions you might have about essential oils.


Love, Rosie

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Kelsey LeGloahec
Kelsey LeGloahec

July 01, 2018

Reading this, I almost want to cry. It’s so simple and easy, yet something totally not in our line of vision when we thinking about getting ready or how to inspire ourselves. I just love how you carefully instruct how to celebrate our bodies and to thank our parts for their giving qualities and functionality. I am going to start practicing this ASAP! <3 <3 <3


July 01, 2018

This sounds so awsome. Can’t wait to try itx

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