The blue feather

February 27, 2018 1 Comment

Take a moment.
Sense in to something that you really, really want.
Can you feel whatever it is you desire?
Maybe it is a new kitchen appliance, an apology, or to visit a new city.

Become crystal clear on what it is you want. 
Really allow the longing to be present. Feel into it.
Now, what would it take to just let all of that go?
To no longer think about what you desire or feel the wanting of it?
To basically, completely forget about it.
Why you might ask, would you do that?
Well, as I have recently discovered,
it is in the letting go, you let it in.
When I first heard about this way of manifesting, it felt counterintuitive. Instead of focusing on what it was I wanted, I was to completely let go of the idea of having it. It was in the letting go, that I would apparently let it in. Often when it comes to manifesting what it is we want in life, the focus is well, usually on the thing we want. This alternative approach suggested that the focused attention on the wanted thing creates resistance and therefore keeps what you desire at a distance. 
I was curious, but doubted this approach would work. But then I found the blue feather.
I walk most evenings. I wander along the water and through a park for an hour or two. Often I find feathers. For nearly a year I have been collecting the feathers I find on my walks. I’ve found white ones and green ones and yellow ones and stripped ones. About six months ago I started to desire a blue one. At first it was a passing thought, ‘I wonder if I will find a blue feather one day?’ Then it became more of a focus. Sometimes as I walked, I was almost on a mission to find a blue feather. The more I focused on the blue feather, the more I wanted one. All that looking, all that longing, all that hoping, yet I never found one.
I began to observe my thoughts as this played out, reflecting on what we often tell ourselves when what it is we want doesn’t come.
Maybe there are no blue feathers (lack)
Maybe I’m not meant to have a blue feather (unworthy)
Maybe I’m not looking enough, or in the right places (life is hard)
Maybe I should just be happy with the feathers I already have (settling)
So at some point on one of my walks, I let the blue feather go. This didn’t mean I stopped desiring the blue feather,  I still very much did. I just found a way to forget about it, and my wanting of it, completely.
About a month ago I setting up a picnic dinner on the NSW Central Coast for the #aligntoselfretreat. I was out in the garden and as I was lighting a candle I looked down to the crack between the grass and the pavement and there it was.
My blue feather.
And do you know what my reaction was the second I found this blue feather?
‘Of course’.
Not, ‘oh my gosh!’ or ‘wow, I can’t believe it?!’ Instead it was a very simple, affirming yes, of course there is my blue feather. The feather may not have shown where I thought it would, on my evening walk. It may not have shown up when I wanted it to, but it did show up (it happened to be my 32nd birthday the day I found the feather).  And guess what, the same day I found my blue feather, another woman on the retreat also found a blue feather. 

So what is your 'blue feather'?
And are you willing to play with the idea of getting clear on what it is you want, then letting it go as the way to let it in?

To support you in this process, here are my top three tips:


ONE. Clarity is key. You must be clear and know what it is you want. It doesn't have to be overly detailed and there is no need to be concerned with the when or the where or the how it will appear. Just get clear on what you want, and be with the knowing that it will be.

TWO. Have an anchor. This could be a statement or belief that you use to keep yourself grounded as the not knowing and the not having can somethings throw us. For me, my go to is the statement ‘everything is always working out for me’. Of course when life slams you with a shit sandwich it is often hard to think that everything in that moment is working out so tip 2.1 is to breathe

THREE. Be open to receiving, by doing things that feel good. This was the biggest take away from this approach to manifesting. Often when we are aware we want something and don't yet have it we can get down, focusing on the lack. An important part of the letting go to let in approach is to spend time feeling good, doing things that make you feel good, while whatever it is you are wanting comes to you. 

The Universe really does work in magical ways, so know that your 'blue feather' is on its way to you.  Here are some inspiring words from the magnificent Marianne Williamson as you are letting go, to let it in:

“Consider the possibility now that anything could happen. I’m not asking you to believe this, but only to consider that it might be true. Simply thinking this thought, that miracles are possible, does more to pave the way for you than you can imagine. It opens the door to a realm of infinite possibilities, regardless of what you have been through or what you are going through now."

 I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Share your 'blue feather' and how you are letting it go, to let it in.

Love, Rosie 


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March 03, 2018

I appreciate the tips, even when I think I “know” them, I see that I am not always remembering them. Your desire for a simple feather invites me to acknowledge that everything we desire is small, lightweight but that we place a lot of pressure on so many wants and “needs”. Thank you for these words today.

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