"Rosie set out into the world at a young age to experience humanity at its absolute best and terrifying worst.
As a consequence she has developed exceptional skills in human understanding, behavioural change and how to truly engage hearts and minds.
Rosie takes individuals and groups beyond the day to day to a world of new possibilities."

Jan Owen AM, CEO The Foundation for Young Australians & Winner,
The Australian Financial Review and Westpac Group 'Woman of Influence 2012'


“Before I started coaching with Rosie, I was so lost. I was reading all sorts of self-help books and watching hours of ‘how to’ videos, seeking the answers and trying to get rid of my fears. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first started this program, I wondered how Rosie could help me when nothing else seemed to work. But right from the very start, Rosie outlined my coaching program which included the Emotional Freedom Technique, tools and techniques developed by the Institute of HeartMath®, goal setting, meditation and creative activities to name just a few. These incredibly powerful yet simple techniques helped me through some of the darkest moments.

I looked forward to every session with Rosie, she allowed me to (re)discover myself. I am a very private person and don’t usually like to open up but Rosie gently encouraged me to step up to see the true me and to face my fears. I felt that I was finally being heard, here was someone who got just me. I always felt totally supported working with Rosie.

One of the biggest ‘aha’ moments for me was when I learnt how to become quiet and listen to my heart. In that moment I realised that I will be ok, my fears started to disappear and a feeling of relief flooded through me.  During our coaching program I was able to reconnect with my inner child, which helped me find my joy and reconnect me with my incredible inner voice. All of this has given me my personal power back. I have discovered I am stronger than I realised and I am in love with myself again and it is a wonderful feeling, I feel at home within myself.

Rosie is a genuine, honest coach who has the ability to truly listen. She keeps it real. I trust her and felt tremendously supported by her. She offered me a complete, tailor made package, offering tools that allowed me to find the answers for myself. I loved the way she so cleverly put it all together. I am so filled with love and gratitude for this beautiful human being who has helped me more than she will ever realise. I feel incredible as a result of this experience.”


Sharon Knight, Queensland, Australia

"Coaching is Rosie's superpower."
Tracy Durrant, London, England

“Rosie is a true heart-led leader who embodies everything she talks about, which is all too rare in this world. I feel very comfortable and at ease in her presence because she manages to see the potential and beauty in everyone she meets and helps them see it too! Working with Rosie was an enriching experience because she has a great balance of flexibility and direction. She continues to inspire me with her wisdom, self-awareness, communication skills and ability to transform a negative experience into an opportunity for growth and learning. 
Rosie is creating a sisterhood of women who are brave enough to lead with their hearts and is showing the world that this is not only possible, but it is also what the world needs most.”

Sophie Weldon, Myer Innovation Fellow & Founder Humankind Enterprises, Melbourne

“Warm, loving and focused. My experience of Rosie is that she has an essence that touches others’ hearts and supports them to create magic in their own lives. She did this with me. In our one-on-one work, Rosie had the capacity to really use her intuition and sense into me by asking the questions that I hadn't asked myself and as a result, excited and inspired me to follow my dream. I found her heart-felt and empowering approach coupled with her ability to keep me accountable, supported me to feel completely safe and heard.
What I love most about Rosie is her innate capacity to believe in me. This helped me to believe in myself and take actions that I had never taken before. It is evident that Rosie is tapped into the universal force and goes beyond the mind, which was really powerful for me.”
Brionhy Sullivan, Women’s Coach, Melbourne

"Rosie has the magic ability to pull together the threads of my being and distil my values in a way that I never would have been able to do alone. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work on their life plan. It's clear to see that she is exceptionally passionate about helping others dive deep and gain inner knowledge." 

Camilla Nazeri, Creative Director, London


"Rosie is a shining light in the world.  Her power to support and guide others along their spiritual path, has been cultivated through her own spirituality and personal growth experience. Through powerful questions and techniques, Rosie has helped me know and embrace deep parts of myself and to gain greater insight into my purpose in this world.  While her ability and capacity to listen and guide from her heart comes from a higher place, her approach to spiritual and personal development is so human and grounded and is extremely practical and accessible.”

Joanna Baker, Social Entrepreneur, Sydney



“The Awakening Retreat was the most profound experience of my life. It awakened parts in me that I didn't know were there, it brought healing and a deeper understanding of myself. It has ignited a passion for truth, life and loving for myself and for the people around me. I will be recommending this retreat to all the women in my life.

I found all of the retreat workshops and overall structure was amazing. It offered me a layer-by-layer experience. I observed parts of me opening and the veils falling away. Through the retreat activities deep pain was allowed to be expressed and healed. The completion circle was the final, perfect finale for me. It was beyond anything I had experienced before.

Rosie is one of the most intuitive, graceful and loving women that I have ever met. She is a loving, caring, honest and perfect facilitator. On the retreat I witnessed a woman that is so committed to helping women connect with themselves. Rosie creates a space that allows you to feel safe to dive deep. Towards the end of the retreat Rosie guided me through a very painful situation that was happening at home, the sudden death of my daughter’s father. I feel that I wouldn't have got through this if it weren’t for Rosie; she was very loving, caring and precise in her support.

As a result of attending the Awakening Retreat I feel a deeper connection within myself. I feel confident in sharing my desires, needs and wants. I want to demonstrate loving in all parts of my life."

Megan Standring, 2017 Participant Bali Awakening Retreat


"I knew the Bali Awakening Retreat was going to be magical, however it was so much more than I imagined. I discovered wounds I didn’t know I had yet they were unconsciously impacting my quality of life. The safe and sacred space Rosie so mindfully created and the powerful processes she facilitated allowed me to dive deep within myself. Profound healing was the result.

Rosie is the most creative woman I have ever met! She is profoundly intuitive and that is evident in everything she does. She is a heart centered authentic woman who has a wicked sense of humor. I am in awe of her.

This retreat was indulgent in every way, a feast for my senses and a feast for my heart. As a result of the retreat I now know I have the ability to heal myself and that my body is beautiful. I trust my inner intelligence and I know I matter. I feel clear and light, having healed deep wounds. I am no longer holding onto other’s pain and suffering. I am now in an intimate relationship with some who ticks all the boxes. My experience in Bali and it’s deep spiritual culture has expanded my world, my perspective and my heart. I am happy."

Tracy Hedges, 2016 Participant Bali Awakening Retreat



"My Bali Awakening Retreat experience has profoundly changed the way I look at myself. I learnt I have the power to change my life. I also discovered though support and sharing that what I thought was my weakness can actually be used a strength, there is nothing 'wrong' with me. I now know it is important to make time for myself and acknowledge my feelings.

In Rosie's explanation for the Bali Awakening Retreat she mentioned that it will 'nourish your soul and allow the truth of who you are to shine." I felt throughout the retreat that is exactly what I have been exposed to. From the workshops, activities and experiences, each help to unravel something that has brought me closer to my true self. I was able to uncover blockages I had and was able to gain more confidence in my abilities.

Rosie is sincere, intuitive, funny and truly inspiring; her power is magical. She helped me to believe in myself.

If you feel that there is something lacking in your life, or there is something within you that is holding you back from truly living life then this retreat is for you. Although I was initially hesitant I am grateful to myself for taking the step to attend as I feel I have gained a deep understanding of my inner being. I feel stronger, more confident and more in touch with my heart. I would not have gotten this without the support of Rosie and the lovely women with whom I shared my retreat experience."

Natasha Khatri, 2016 Participant Bali Awakening Retreat



“My Awakening retreat experience allowed me to reconnect to myself, nature and the beauty that exist all around us and within us. I reaffirmed my belief in myself. I loved having an opportunity to spend time on me and be reminded of the importance and need for taking care of self.

Since returning home from the retreat my perspective on the hustle and bustle of everyday life has definitely changed. Having a career in a fast paced industry and always travelling I have noticed how I have been able to maintain my calm ‘Bali Zen’ in back in the real world. I now listen better, am able to focus on singular tasks and complete them and have more energy and connection. It is very special.

Rosie is the most authentic and intuitive facilitator I have ever worked with. I wish everywoman in my life could experience Rosie’s magic for themselves. I loved learning from her.

The villa and location was AH MA ZING! I could not have imagined a better location for the retreat.”

Belinda Yorston, 2016 Participant Bali Awakening Retreat

"The Awakening Retreat came at the right time for me. I needed to regain balance and direction in my life and the retreat allowed me to do just that, in ways that supported, challenged and inspired me. And what a privilege to meet and share with such amazing women!

Through my Awakening experience I learnt to be more honest and as a result of attending the retreat I am calmer, happier and more centred. I am finding it easier to say how grateful I am for my loving family, friends and colleagues.

The venue was the perfect location for the retreat, away from the bustle of Ubud's main streets, the house was next to rice paddies and in its own enclosed garden. My bedroom and bathroom (with private open air shower) was a highlight - spacious, airy, and with an extremely comfortable bed. Our yoga teachers worked closely with Rosie to deliver a daily yoga practice that supported each day of the retreat program. I loved every session, I've never enjoyed yoga as much! I felt such deep caring, knowing and respectful practice.

Rosie is an exceptional facilitator, loving, intuitive, challenging, supportive, respectful and insightful who speaks from the heart. Tracy was a very important and loving support for us participants. Her loving practical support, calm organisation, infectious smile and enormous joy in life made her a perfect retreat assistant.

I would recommend this retreat to women in my life."

Helen Zimmerman, 2017 Participant Bali Awakening Retreat  



"The workshop Rosie ran for our company was amazing. It allowed people who didn't usually think about wellbeing to learn what it was all about and appreciate how it could have a positive impact in their lives. It was also a great way for the team to bond and learn more about each other."

Matt Craig, Director, MindArc


"I was absolutely blown away by Rosie's Heart Mapping Workshop. Immediately entering the space, it felt welcoming and nurturing. There were beautiful, creative and personal touches that made us all feel extra special. Rosie created an atmosphere where I felt very open to share, to connect, and to explore aspects of myself. I loved the experience of connecting to my own creativity and having a beautiful inner child moment. I loved being inspired by open-hearted and brave women. I loved exploring and expressing parts of myself. Rosie was guiding us every step of the way through the workshop with her positive spirit and bright, caring energy. It was a magical day!"

Felicity Hale, Sydney, Australia


"Rosie O’Halloran is a loving, generous, authentic, creative, compassionate soul who I was blessed to be introduced. I attended several of her personal discovery evenings, Soulful Tuesdays. Each week we focused on a particular topic such as Honesty, Forgiveness, Loving, Connection, Expansion, Alignment. With Rosie’s nurturing and respectful guidance we explored the themes through meditation, art, journaling, music, plus various scientific and spiritual techniques which were introduced each week enabling us to explore the topics on a deep personal level.  I was always surprised at what my inner voice revealed and Rosie provided the perfect safe space filled with trust and love in which to share our responses.  Rosie has great integrity and I found the topics, the techniques and the learnings truly valuable.  All in all a most heartfelt experience." 

Sally Tunley, Sydney, Australia


“When I first heard about Rosie’s Heart Mapping Workshop, I was curious and excited. In the hustle and bustle of Sydney life, I make a conscious effort twice a year to complete an exercise that is purely about my wellbeing. I didn't have any expectations of Heart Mapping, but all I can say is that, we all have something to gain from an experience such as this. Rosie knows the heart and makes an effort to know those she mentors. During the Heart Mapping session, Rosie guided me to a few resolutions that I really couldn't of reached without her insight. The space was peaceful and safe and I felt like I had a lot of time to share with the group, or work through internally a few things that had been floating around my heart. The workshop centred me and was simply a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I even made some lovely new friends that I'm excited to share adventures with. My heart is happy. Thanks Rosie xx.”

Laura O’Shea, Sydney Australia

"I signed up for the Sunday Slowdown as I knew I needed to reconnect with myself and change my current habits. I was in a cycle of addictive work patterns and just couldn’t snap out of it. I realised I had allowed myself to be subtly influenced by what I thought I should be doing, instead of what I really wanted or needed. 


The day delivered so much more than a physical pause, it was a whole mind and body reset. Rosie and Laura’s soft but intentional guidance really helped me to draw back into myself and just let my body and heart do the talking. Rosie’s life coaching background and Laura’s naturopathic expertise provided both an emotional and health perspective to the workshops which left me feeling not only  physically restored but with a sense of clarity. 


The attention to detail throughout the day was just beautiful and the wide variety of practices and exercises explored were deeply enlightening. This coupled with the uplifting presence and support of likeminded people made the day truly unforgettable."


Lucy Taylor, London, England


"I (somewhat hesitantly) decided to come along to the heart mapping workshop based on a recent decision to try and be more open to new experiences. I found that the overwhelming amount of positive energy that filled the room allowed me to be honest and open: surprisingly effortlessly. I walked into this experience wanting to learn a little more about myself, and I walked away from it having done exactly that. Rosie creates a truly safe environment, where you can expect to be surrounded by amazing woman to share with and learn from." 

Elly McIlwraith, Sydney, Australia


"The Sunday Slowdown was such a gorgeous and gentle experience that also had real power. From the moment we arrived Rosie and Laura helped us feel so at home, and the space was incredible! The pace of the day was relaxed and helped us unwind and get back to ourselves, but we still managed to cover so much learning. The breathing techniques were a real highlight for me, I’ve been using the techniques really regularly since, they help me come back to myself when I am feeling panicky or on the edge because I’ve pushed myself too far.

I had just come out of hospital before the Sunday Slowdown and the workshop felt like a real turning point in helping me feel better and reminding me of the importance of looking after myself. I can’t recommend Rosie and Laura enough!"

Jo Hunter, London, England

“I went in to the 'heartmapping' workshop a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. Rosie quickly put us all at ease though and I found myself feeling more comfortable and enjoying the session very early on. It was lovely to take time out to think about the values that are important to me and really focus on them. I’m definitely not the type of person to do this on a regular basis myself, so to devote time and effort to really understand what is important to me was really valuable. Being in the session also really encouraged me to look at the aspects of myself and my life, that I want to work on, without judgement, which I found really freeing. I very much enjoyed talking to the other attendees and found the entire workshop to be a lovely, warm, supportive environment. Thanks so much Rosie!”

Kate Hudson, Newcastle, England

"I attended several of Rosie's Soulful Tuesdays workshops, these evenings helped me immensely. I could really feel the difference in myself spending time in Rosie's caring hands. Soulful Tuesdays were a meaningful experience and as a result I look forward to being more engaged with myself and the world."
Liz Locke, Sydney, Australia


“My workshop experince was intimate and comforting: the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Rosie held a beautiful safe space and energy for the workshop and I really enjoyed getting creative with my heart. I’ve been implementing the exercises I learnt from the workshop and it has created a greater sense of peace in my life. Rosie is a generous soul and it was wonderful to be led by her in this process.”

Cassie Freriechs, Brisbane, Australia


Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

HeartMath® Building Personal Resilience Program

“Rosie’s unique HeartMath® sessions has been a life changing experience for me. She has the ability to listen and support me at the deepest level. I found this technique very simple and an easy way to connect my mind and heart. In real estate, I am constantly dealing with stressful and unexpected situations. I always felt I needed a way to feel grounded and help me be able to stop and make clear decisions when life is chaotic. After our three sessions I found a place within me I didn’t even know existed: a place where peace and tranquillity surrounds me and I feel calm and confident. I feel that I am able to manage stress, both at home and at work, a lot better than before. This technique is also a great way to unwind and allow the body to slowly shut down and enter into deeper sleep.

For anyone looking to embark on this journey, I highly recommend doing so with Rosie.”

Juliana Gomes, Porto Alegre, Brazil