Reflections E-course


A 21 day journaling e-course designed for you to journal with purpose, creativity and clarity.

Are you new to journaling and wanting some inspiration and guidance to begin?

Do you have a desire to start journaling in the new year and are looking for some support and structure to get started?

Are you 'stuck in your head?
Are you a regular journaler seeking to dive deeper into your practice?

Do you enjoy journaling and want to find new ways to get to know yourself and the world around you more? 


Then the Reflections journaling e-course is for you! 


The time has come for you to

This journaling e-course invites thoughtful reflection and self-inquiry. Over 21 days you will be guided to take a journey from your head to your heart, through journal writing. Together, we will take a creative adventure, exploring moments in time, your choices, gratitude, joy, self-expression, your future, your feelings and 14 other life areas. The intention of this e-course is to provide you the inspiration to take time for yourself and turn your attention inwardly as you start the new year. You will be supported to start or dive deeper into your journal writing and encouraged to find your own flow.  You have freedom in how you complete this e-course as you can journal wherever, whenever you feel like it and come back to the course content at any time.


“Once I started to use Reflections I experienced a difference in my journal writing. These journaling prompts took me deeper inside myself, asking questions and shining a light on parts of me that I hadn’t seen before. The beauty that I am able to express when I’m connected to myself, is a real self-loving action.
Reflections has given me a different perspective on myself, my life and the world. It has opened up a creative space for me to explore my present and future. I love Reflections and recommend this offering to everyone. Thank you Rosie!"

Megan Standring ~ Brisbane, Australia

Start 2018 with clarity, depth and vision

Your 21 day journaling e-course

What’s included: 

+ 21 daily journaling prompts, along with 21 beautiful designed graphics you can share, pin or print

+ 19 personal reflections written by course creator Rosie O'Halloran, giving you an insight into her world and her journaling experience 

+ 3 journal entries from fellow Reflections journalers from around the world to inspire and delight you

+ A beautifully designed thank you notecard to deepen your gratitude practice and 'permission slip' to encourage and empower your self-expression

+ A collection of Rosie's top tips for journaling

+ A guided meditation

The 21 day Reflections e-course is $33 AUD

 Once you sign up for the e-course you will receive a confirmation email with all of the details. Each day the journaling prompts are emailed to you and you have access to the e-course for life.


"Reflections has opened a portal into my rich and creative inner world.  Each journal prompt is stimulating and insightful. My heart relishes the opportunity to share its knowing. What a wonderfully healing journey Reflections has taken me on."
Tracy Hedges ~ Blue Mountains, Australia


“Rosie is all heart, all the time. Reflections is her gift to you and the world. If you’re hoping to connect with your true, deeper self - your heart - then dive into your journal with these beautiful, creative, loving prompts. They are sure to help you reconnect to yourself, others and the world beyond.”

 Alexandra Fiorillo ~ Colorado, United States


About Rosie O’Halloran, creator of Reflections

An award-winning social entrepreneur, coach and facilitator, Rosie is an advocate for heart-led social and personal development. She works with individuals and groups, guiding them to look inwards and return to their place of deep knowing and truth: their heart. Through her innovative approach, Rosie supports people to step fully into their power and live life from a place of courage, integrity and Soul.

In 2016 Huffington Post Australia named Rosie as ‘one of ten women entrepreneurs to watch’ and her personal and professional journey was profiled in the book, If she can I can, which showcases 29 of the most influential young women entrepreneurs in Australia. In 2014 Rosie was awarded the coveted Instyle Magazine / Audi Style Scholarship for her ‘heartworks’ program. In recognition of her humanitarian work Rosie has been awarded a New South Wales Young Citizen of the Year Award, a Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International and in 2012 was selected to be one of Australia’s 'Young Social Pioneers' by the Foundation for Young Australians.

Rosie is a graduate of the University of New South Wales and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is a certified HeartMath® coach, a certified practitioner in both the Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki and a qualified Life Coach. Rosie has spoken on stage at the Sydney Opera House and New South Wales Parliament and has captivated global leader Sir Richard Branson with her presence, stories and dreams. Based in Sydney, Rosie creates and leads workshops and retreats for women globally.

“Reflections is the gift I want to give my sister, my mum and all my friends. Sometimes we need permission to ask ourselves those questions that pierce our inner reality and create healing, epiphanies and spur graceful actions, Reflections is that permission.”
 Sophie Weldon ~ Melbourne, Australia


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I wholeheartedly believe in this e-course but if you are not satisfied with your experience I offer a 100% money back guarantee. Simply email within 24 hours of completing the course explaining your experience and you will be offered a refund.

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