Work With Me

Life is a work of heart. 

Are you ready to journey through the night, to return to the beauty of your light?

 The time has come. 

Speak your truth.
Share your heart.

Return to Self.

Your act of personal transformation will radically change our world.
  •  Do you desire to deepen your relationship with yourself, to really understand who you are and why you are here? To not only know your life purpose but live it.

  •  Are you wanting to access your heart’s intelligence and live life guided by your inner knowing? To fully trust in your intuition.

  •  Do you feel ready to heal the parts of you that are hurting? To break from form the pain of the past?
  •  Are you overwhelmed by choices on your path, bombarded by the beliefs of others? Are you seeking clarity, direction and depth?

  • Do you feel called to elevate your connection with Spirit and live in alignment with your personal Spiritual practice? In a practical, real way.

  •  Are you willing to dive into the depths of self-discovery and emerge transformed? To stand grounded in the truth of who you are and let your authentic self shine.
If you answered YES to any of the questions above then you are in the right place. It would be a privilege to work with you and support you on your journey as you Return to Self.
Below I share my style and offerings. There are three ways we can work together; coaching, retreats and workshops.
If you are not sure what option is best for you can book in for a complementary consultation (here)

My style 

I coach Spiritual Beings to master their life experience.

 I ask big questions.

I hold loving space.

I deeply explore meaning to create understanding and connection.

I show up and share my heart.


“Rosie is a shining light in the world.  Her power to support and guide others along their spiritual path, has been cultivated though her own spirituality and personal growth experience. 

Through powerful questions and techniques, Rosie has helped me know and embrace deep parts of myself and to gain greater insight into my purpose in this world.  While her ability and capacity to listen and guide from her heart comes from a higher place, her approach to spiritual and personal development is so human and grounded and is extremely practical and accessible.”

Joanna Baker, Co-Founder the Youth Food Movement


I work from three places:



“Rosie is a true heart-led leader who embodies everything she talks about, which is all too rare in this world. I feel very comfortable and at ease in her presence because she manages to see the potential and beauty in everyone she meets and helps them see it too! Working with Rosie was an enriching experience because she has a great balance of flexibility and direction. She continues to inspire me with her wisdom, self-awareness, communication skills and ability to transform a negative experience into an opportunity for growth and learning.


Rosie is creating a sisterhood of women who are brave enough to lead with their hearts and is showing the world that this is not only possible, but it is also what the world needs most.”


- Sophie Weldon, 2015 Myer Innovation Fellow and Founder HumanKind Enterprises



The foundation of all my work is based on the following three questions:


Who am I? 

What am I here to do?

How can I contribute to the world?


If you have heard the whisper of your Soul, and are answering the call to speak your truth and share your heart I would be honoured to work with you.


My offerings