Free Intro to Essential Oil Class: Sydney

You are invited to explore the wonderful world of essential oils and discover for yourself how these 'gifts of the earth' change your life.

You will learn about the following doTERRA essential oils:

+ Frankincense (known as the 'king of oils, it's cellular renewing and a brilliant companion for your Spiritual practice)

+ Lavender (a soothing oil for your skin and your sleep)

+ Lemon (a drop of this oil in your morning your water will brighten your day)

+ Tea Tree (hello clean everything) 

+ Oregano (bye bugs)

+ Peppermint (need a pick me up? got a headache? this is your oil)

+ Easy Air (the deepest breaths)

+ DigestZen (your go to for tummy aches)

+ On Guard (health in a bottle)

+ Deep Blue (if you have a body, you probably need this oil)

Spend a few hours on the couch with us, learning about how you can empower yourself and those you love naturally.

You will be gifted a goodie bag on the night plus you can enjoy a cup of tea and sweet treats. Everyone who comes along is eligible to a 25% discount on their oil orders and will be invited to be part of the Heart Collective essentail oils community. 

This is a FREE event, though please RSVP to secure your spot and to be sent the address. We can't wait to see you there!

Love, Rosie

Please note this class for those of you who do not yet have a dōTERRA membership.